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Hearing Awareness Week: What Was All The NOISE About?

Source: With Hearing Awareness Week drawing to a close over the weekend we wanted to highlight some of the week’s key moments. Hearing Awareness Week was established by the Deafness Forum of Australia to coincide with World Hearing Day. Its purpose is to bring light to the experiences of those with hearing loss and deafness as well as propel awareness across the nation about hearing loss and the importance of testing and treatment.

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Why Once Isn't Enough for Hearing Tests

Imagine if one word could save your child’s life but when it came time for you to use it, and for them to hear it, they couldn’t. Fortunately, when I was confronted with just this situation, my daughter was able to hear that one word and it did save her life. The word was STOP! My daughter was about to step out onto the road without looking. It was a normally quiet street but on this occasion, a car sped out of nowhere and was on a collision course with my daughter.

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The Top 5 Questions About Children and Hearing Loss

The impact of hearing loss in children is still commonly misunderstood. We recently asked our Facebook followers 5 questions to find out what they knew about this issue. Here are our answers: 1. Do Australian Primary school children have their hearing checked when they start school? In most states and territories, Australian primary school children do not have their hearing checked before starting school. In NSW, preschool children are offered a sight test, but not a hearing test.

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My Child Passed the Newborn Test, I Don’t Need to Test Their Hearing Again… Right?

3 min read No! You do need to test again! We can’t stress enough how important it is to test your child’s hearing regularly throughout their education. Some parents have mistaken the newborn hearing test as a lifetime test of good hearing, but this is not the case. In fact, we suggest testing your hearing at least once a year – like you would your teeth and eyes. Why do I need to test my child’s hearing again?

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Sound Scouts is now FREE for Australian school children thanks to Hearing Australia and funding from the Australian Government. Support available on 1300 424 122