App Credits

Carolyn Mee
Sound Scouts Founder & Producer

Dr Harvey Dillon
Chief Scientist

Cuauhtemoc Moreno
Code and 3D Art

Kira Farfán, April Prime
Character Design & Animation

Kira Farfán

Saul Alexander Whitton

Ashley Cooper

Thanks to:
Dan Graf, Sanna Hou, John Seymour, Simon Skidmore, Ema Hoffmann

Voice Over Artists

James Murchison
Ranger Dan

Carolyn Mee

Thanks to the team at the National Acoustic Laboratories and Hearing Australia for
providing access to children with hearing impairments.

Australian Government Department of health banner

Sound Scouts is now FREE for Australian school children thanks to funding from the Australian Government and support from Hearing Australia. Call 1300 424 122 for assistance.