9 things you may not know about hearing loss in children

1. A child who has passed the newborn hearing test should have their hearing tested regularly throughout their school years Hearing loss can develop at any time, yet for some reason, we deem the newborn hearing test a free pass to a lifetime of perfect hearing. This is, unfortunately, not the case and many children will go through school with an undetected hearing loss because they have not been retested since birth.

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“He could hear me” or so I thought…

Lynell, mother of 4, found herself in a state of shock when two of her children were found to have hearing loss. Harry, Lynell’s fourth child was diagnosed with ANSD (auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder), a hearing condition that makes up 10% of diagnoses for children with permanent hearing loss. Harry’s diagnosis prompted testing of all the children which led to the family discovering that son William, who showed no signs of hearing loss, also had a hearing issue.

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“As she splashed through the puddles, she laughed at the sound”

Lauren’s daughter, Laila, wasn’t diagnosed with hearing loss until she was halfway through kindergarten. And it wasn’t due to a lack of testing. Unfortunately, multiple technicians advised Lauren that her daughter’s lack of response to sound was from a behavioural issue, not a hearing loss! It wasn’t until Laila’s first teacher and dance instructor insisted that something was wrong with her listening that Laila’s hearing loss was properly diagnosed.

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Hearing Awareness Week: what was all the NOISE about?

Source: With Hearing Awareness Week drawing to a close over the weekend we wanted to highlight some of the week’s key moments. Hearing Awareness Week was established by the Deafness Forum of Australia to coincide with World Hearing Day. Its purpose is to bring light to the experiences of those with hearing loss and deafness as well as propel awareness across the nation about hearing loss and the importance of testing and treatment.

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Sound Scouts is now FREE for Australian school children thanks to Hearing Australia and funding from the Australian Government. Support available on 1300 424 122