5 Things You Should Do Before Your Child Starts a New School Year

2 minute read We all remember the feeling of going back to school. Your child may be looking forward to it, they may dread it, or 2021 could even be their first year of school, bringing nerves, tears, and sometimes tantrums. After a big break filled with fun and adventure, returning to school can be difficult. To ensure your child has a smooth transition back to school, there are things you can do to help prepare them for the challenge.

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A Parent's Guide to Hearing Loss in Kids | Testing Your Child's Hearing at Home

Why are hearing checks important for kids? An estimated 1 in 10 children suffer from hearing loss which left undetected can lead to speech, learning and behavioural issues. The World Health Organisation recommends that all children should have their hearing checked by the time they start school. It’s important to rule out the possibility of a hearing loss, as it can be misdiagnosed for a behavioural issue or learning difficulty.

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Carolyn Mee wins Innovator of the Year at the 2020 Women in Digital Awards

It looks like health got the nod at the 2020 Women In Digital Awards, as both recipients of the Innovator of the Year and Entrepreneur of The Year, are founders of innovative digital health solutions. Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO and founder of COVIU, an Australian telehealth platform, was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and Carolyn Mee, CEO and founder of Sound Scouts, the Australian hearing check app specifically designed for schoolchildren, was awarded Innovator of the Year.

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The Scientist & the Storyteller: How Science and Creativity Came Together to Create Sound Scouts

At face value, the Sound Scouts app could be the latest Fruit Ninja, a fun-filled game featuring bright colours and three playful ‘activities’. But instead of a dose of short-lived serotonin, Sound Scouts provides an assessment of the ‘players’ hearing levels. For parents who test their children with the Sound Scouts app, the report speaks volumes about the child’s hearing health and their listening abilities. It has the potential to be a catalyst for a life-changing process of identifying and addressing a hearing issue, that left undetected could prevent a child from reaching their full potential.

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Australian Government Department of health banner

Sound Scouts is now FREE for Australian school children thanks to Hearing Australia and funding from the Australian Government. Support available on 1300 424 122