Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment Suite (APD Suite)

The Sound Scouts APD Suite is a battery of tests designed to assess auditory processing abilities in children (and adults). A unique feature of the tests in the Suite is that they use the concept of differential testing to narrow down the range of deficits that could cause scores on a particular test to be deficient.

The differential testing method assists clinicians in determining when the difficulty a client experiences in understanding speech has been the consequence of some type of auditory processing deficit, versus when it is the consequence of a cognitive deficit or a language deficit. The tests were developed by Dr Sharon Cameron and Dr Harvey Dillon and the IP has been licensed from Macquarie University.

For a more detailed overview of the three tests in the suite, LiSN-S, LiSN-U and DDdT, see the Background Information sections of each test below. A list of peer-reviewed research publications for each test, with links to abstracts and/or full texts, can be accessed for each one.

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APD Suite Starter
10 Clients per Month
$25 USD monthly
or $250 USD yearly (2-month discount)
APD Suite Intermediate
25 Clients per Month
$50 USD monthly
or $500 USD yearly (2-month discount)
APD Suite Advanced
50 Clients per Month
$95 USD monthly
or $950 USD yearly (2-month discount)
APD Suite Enterprise
Customised Plan
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The APD Suite is hosted on the Sound Scouts Integrated Management Platform also known as SSIMPL. To access the Suite please create a SSIMPL account and navigate to the Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Suite and the APD Tools tab.

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