Sound Scouts, proud sponsor of the Primary School of the Year Award (Government) congratulates 2019 winner, Blue Haven Public School and Principal Paul McDermott.

Sound Scouts is an accessible Hearing Check for Schoolchildren

Sound Scouts is available for all Australian schoolchildren (aged 4-17).

Schools can download the app and use it to run a convenient screening program at school or use Sound Scouts as a tool to check any student who is showing signs of hearing loss.

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For additional information about how to screen students at your school check out our school resources here.

Why are Hearing Checks Important for Students?

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An estimated 1 in 10 children suffer from hearing loss which left undetected can lead to speech, learning and behavioural problems.

The World Health Organisation recommends that all children should have their hearing screened around the time they start school.

  • Every child starting school should have their hearing tested and ideally again in Year 3 & Year 5 in line with NAPLAN.
  • Any child identified with learning or behavioural problems should have their hearing tested.
  • Impact of Hearing Loss

    Children need to be able to hear clearly in order to learn. If children can’t hear their teacher in a noisy classroom environment, they will struggle to learn.

    Consequences of undetected hearing loss for a child can include:

  • delays in speech and language development
  • lack of phonological awareness and difficulty reading
  • struggling in social situations
  • increased risk of academic failure
  • The Sound Scouts hearing check is a simple way to ensure hearing issues do not restrict a child’s ability to learn and socialise. The test incorporates the science of a hearing test in a fun interactive game. Easily accessible with immediate results, it’s the perfect in-school solution.



    Testing credits are purchased in-app for $34.99. Each credit allows a Player / Client (person being tested) access to four test sessions.

    Schools, clinics and organisations can access bulk purchasing discounts of 35% or more, with a minimum pack size of 10.
    Email or call 1300 424 122 for assistance.