Why can't I hear anything/hear properly?

January 1, 0001

Have you checked the volume is turned up on your device?

Turn up the volume on your device to maximum (if it is too loud, turn it down a little).

How do I check if it is a headphone issue?

Plug your headphones/earbuds firmly into the port on your device and ensure that the device volume is turned up. If you cannot hear anything from either ear, or you can only hear in one ear, you will need to try another set of headphones/earbuds. Make sure you are not using surround sound, noise reducing or gaming headphones as they may interfere with how the sound is delivered in the game. We also recommend using adult headphones as they tend to be better quality than children’s headphones.

How do I check if it is a device issue?

Plug a set of headphones/earbuds that you know work properly, into the device, and check the volume on the device is turned up. If you do not hear sound; the audio cuts out or there is sound interference (eg crackling/static noise), it may be a problem with the port. In this instance we recommend using a different device (ie tablet or phone).