Quiet places in public spaces: an appetite for change

3 min read Have you ever sat in a restaurant with a group of friends and not been able to hear anyone but the person sitting next to you? It seems this is a common problem but is anyone coming to the table to discuss the impact of noise in everyday experiences. The Washington Post and The Guardian recently posted articles addressing the lack of quiet spaces in restaurants. The reports dug into why we need quiet spaces and who is really affected by the dangers of restaurant noise.

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An old fashioned virus – with modern day consequences…

Did you know that the US measles outbreak is at its highest level of cases in more than 25 years? In the last 12months measles cases around the globe have surged by 300% and Australia and New Zealand have not escaped the increase in this deadly disease. Severe complications can come from measles; including pneumonia, swelling of the brain and hearing loss. Sadly, there’s not enough awareness about viral infections and their link to long-term health issues such as hearing loss.

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