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“Summer’s hearing loss means that if she’s doing group work at school, she is only able to hear what’s happening on her table, if there’s not much background noise. But, once there’s background noise, she cannot hear the people she is sitting closest to. So it really has a serious impact on her life.”


“It was only when a friend suggested that Anthea check Summer’s hearing using a simple iPad app called Sound Scouts that it became instantly and unmistakably clear – Summer had permanent hearing loss in her left ear that specifically made it difficult for her to hear when there was a lot of background noise.”


“The startup Sounds Scouts hopes to make hearing tests more accessible through an interactive tablet game kids can play at home, ensuring that hearing problems are diagnosed and addressed.”

Data Innovation Awards

Sound Scouts, the children’s hearing test app currently available Australia-wide, was awarded the 2017 BigInsights Data Innovation Award for “Best Start Up”.

ABC News Sydney

“What could be better than a quick and easy hearing test that could help detect hearing problems in young children? What about one that tests using an entertaining computer game?”

Australian Hearing Hub

“The beauty of the game is that it not only identifies hearing loss and hearing issues, but also distinguishes between conductive hearing loss, sensorineural loss and central auditory processing disorders.”

7 News

“A world-first Australian invention will let you check their (child’s) hearing & signs of CAPD”

2UE 954 News Talk

“We know that newborns are tested for hearing loss, but there is no general regular testing afterwards. Hearing loss often not detected until they get to school”