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“Parents often think their children ignore them but what if actually they can’t hear you?”

'I felt so guilty.' Kylie's seven-year-old daughter's hearing problem went undetected for years.

“Kylie and Dalio describe their seven-year-old daughter, Elyse as having a lovable, funny and cheeky persona that people warm to instantly. This bubbly nature and loud personality are qualities that they adore about their daughter. They were also the same qualities that meant Elyse’s hearing problems went undetected for years.”

Australian Sound Scouts Accessible Hearing Test

“Too many children still have to go trough disadvantages at school because of hearing loss. Finally, here is a low-cost, easily administered and reliable test of hearing designed for children.”

Hearing Week 2019: $4 million rollout of fun and free new test for students

“Hundreds of thousands of school aged children will benefit from an Australian-developed app that delivers a user-friendly hearing test, with the Federal Government launching a $4 million national rollout to mark Hearing Week 2019.”

Impact Pediatric Health Announces Twelve Finalists For Startup Pitch Competition At SXSW 2019

“The nation’s leading pediatric hospitals hosting the annual Impact Pediatric Health pitch competition today announced the twelve startup company finalists who will compete on March 8. Impact Pediatric Health is a one-of-a-kind pitch competition held annually at SXSW dedicated to showcasing and supporting the best pediatric healthcare innovations.”

7 News: Parents urged to check kids hearing before school

“Parents are being urged to get their children’s hearing tested before they start school to prevent any problems with hearing loss. To help a free app has been launched a simple way to detect issues before seeing a doctor. “

9 News: Today Extra

“It is something a lot of Aussie mum’s and dads are guilty of, and in fact, around 18 per cent of parents have never had their child’s hearing tested. With one in 10 children being held back from school due to hearing loss, experts are urging for earlier detection.”

Australian game tests children for hearing loss and disorders

“The 10-minute program looks like a children’s game but uses advanced hearing science to gauge the user’s hearing ability. More than 1,000 children trialled the app and were tested both by Sound Scouts and a paediatric audiologist during the development process.”