Early Detection of Hearing Loss is Key

Children use their hearing to learn about the world around them and develop communication skills. This in turn affects their relationships with family and friends, their education, and future employment.

The impact of hearing loss on a developing child can be significant, so the sooner issues are detected, and treatment or management is provided, the better chance a child has of living a normal life.

Hearing issues can develop at any age, so it’s important to be aware of the key signs displayed by a child if they have a hearing problem.


Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

  • Does your child speak louder than others?
  • Does your child turn the TV up too loud?
  • Does your child often say ‘what’ or ‘huh’?
  • Does your child have trouble pronouncing words?
  • Does your child struggle at school?
  • Does your child have trouble hearing in noisy places?
  • Does your child lose focus in noisy places?