Hearing Loss

Quiet places in public spaces: an appetite for change

3 min read Have you ever sat in a restaurant with a group of friends and not been able to hear anyone but the person sitting next to you? It seems this is a common problem but is anyone coming to the table to discuss the impact of noise in everyday experiences. The Washington Post and The Guardian recently posted articles addressing the lack of quiet spaces in restaurants. The reports dug into why we need quiet spaces and who is really affected by the dangers of restaurant noise.

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Why hearing loss in kids can be hard for parents to spot

Emily Joyce, Freelance Writer If you were asked to recall specific events in the days after giving birth, you’d probably have a tough time. The intense mix of overwhelming joy and exhaustion cloud the details, but it’s likely you remember feeling relief when your baby passed the newborn hearing test. Then, like most parents, you probably haven’t given their hearing another thought. If you haven’t had your child’s hearing checked since those early days, it’s time to do so.

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