ADHD and hearing loss

Could inattention in your child actually be hearing loss? Children with unaddressed hearing issues are often labelled as disruptive or inattentive. Before any diagnosis of ADHD it is important that other factors or undiagnosed conditions that might be responsible for inattention are eliminated. For example a child might have ongoing middle-ear infections causing hearing problems. A simple hearing check can rule this out and make sure your child receives the right intervention to help them thrive in and out of the classroom.

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World Hearing Day

March 3 is WORLD HEARING DAY. A day to shine a light on the cost of unaddressed hearing loss to both the individual and the economy. The World Health Organisation estimates the global cost of unaddressed hearing loss is a staggering $750billion. Impacting educational outcomes, social integration, productivity and happiness hearing loss takes a mighty toll. We encourage all parents to check their children’s hearing around the time they start school.

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Masters of Disguise: Is your child hiding a hearing issue?

Unmasking a hearing issue could be key to a positive experience at school Children can be angels at school and devils at home. But their ability to shape shift might be hiding a hearing issue that would benefit from further investigation. Below is a guide to some behaviours that might be hiding a hearing issue. The Troublemaker Kids who are frustrated, aggressive, act out and have high energy levels are often identified as having symptoms of ADHD.

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