The Scientist & the Storyteller: How Science and Creativity Came Together to Create Sound Scouts

At face value, the Sound Scouts app could be the latest Fruit Ninja, a fun-filled game featuring bright colours and three playful ‘activities’. But instead of a dose of short-lived serotonin, Sound Scouts provides an assessment of the ‘players’ hearing levels. For parents who test their children with the Sound Scouts app, the report speaks volumes about the child’s hearing health and their listening abilities. It has the potential to be a catalyst for a life-changing process of identifying and addressing a hearing issue, that left undetected could prevent a child from reaching their full potential.

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Top Tips for Testing Your Child’s Hearing at Home

Children use their hearing to learn about the world around them and develop communication skills. The impact of hearing loss on a developing child can be significant, so the sooner issues are detected, and treatment or management is provided, the better the outcomes will be for a child with hearing loss. The Sound Scouts hearing check comes in the form of a fun, interactive mobile game, so children don’t even know they’re being tested.

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Does Your Child Have Listening Fatigue?

Listening fatigue is a form of mental exhaustion that occurs in people who have hearing loss. Even when those with hearing loss wear the right hearing technology, they may still experience some form of listening fatigue, but it’s likely to impact them less. Hearing technology decreases listening fatigue as it helps improve listening and speech comprehension. Towards the end of a school day, children with hearing loss may be ‘physically and mentally spent’ as a result of focusing so intently on a teacher’s speech, as well as conversations with other students.

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The Sound Scouts App Checks For Three Different Hearing Issues. What Are They?

It’s important to keep a regular check on your family’s hearing health as damage and loss can occur at any time as a result of many different factors. We explore what the three types of hearing difficulties Sound Scouts tests for are, and how we test them. Conductive Hearing Loss Conductive hearing loss is a condition that affects the outer ear, the eardrum, and the middle ear. A conductive loss occurs when there is a blockage or deformity preventing the ossicles (the three tiny bones in the ear) from vibrating properly which interferes with the sound traveling to the inner ear.

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Sound Scouts is now FREE for Australian school children thanks to Hearing Australia and funding from the Australian Government. Support available on 1300 424 122