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The World Health Organisation recommends that all children should have their hearing screened around the time they start school.

  • Every child starting school should have their hearing tested and ideally again in Year 3 & Year 5 in line with NAPLAN.
  • Any child identified with learning or behavioural problems should have their hearing tested.

Children need to be able to hear clearly in order to learn. If children can’t hear their teacher in a noisy classroom environment they will struggle to learn. Consequences of undetected hearing loss for the child include delays in speech and language development, lack of phonological awareness and difficulty reading, trouble in social situations and increased risk of academic failure.

Sound Scouts has been designed to test children’s hearing from 4 years and older.

  • Developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories & recommended by Australian Hearing
  • Accessible & immediate - Test & results delivered on tablet or mobile phone.
  • Tests for the 3 main types of hearing issues - Provides clinically reliable results for conductive and sensorineural hearing loss and an indication of auditory processing disorder.
  • Care pathway advice when a problem is detected.
  • Child’s attention is fully engaged.

Accepted as a referral by Australian Hearing when sensorineural hearing loss is identified. Any responsible adult, ideally with good hearing, can set up and supervise testing.

Sound Scouts takes the form of a fun, interactive game that encourages the child to participate. The game is played on a tablet or mobile phone, with the child wearing a good quality set of headphones. Sound Scouts brings together gamification of hearing testing, world leading acoustic technology and the simplicity of app delivery. Sound Scouts is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Click Here to access the resources for schools.

Sound Scouts is pleased to announce that, with the support of the Australian Government, Sound Scouts is now FREE for school aged children living in Australia.

What do our users think?

Teachers, parents and healthcare professionals have seen the benefits of Sound Scouts firsthand.
It is fantastic to have access to something like Sound Scouts that is evidence-based and doesn’t require teachers to travel long distances.
Regional in Teacher Victoria
Even when I knew that Summer had speech problems, I didn’t really think it would affect her too much at school. However, seeing the hearing test results on the screen for myself after she had played Sound Scouts, it brought home the importance of the situation, and made it easier for me to accept that Summer would need a hearing aid to help her hear in the classroom.
Parent of Summer, 9 years old

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