Sound Scouts the children's hearing test designed to make testing easy

Kidspot as seen on HuffPost

1 in 10 children are held back at school by hearing loss. Take action to ensure your child isn’t one of them.

Hearing is one of our five senses, it’s important. Undetected HEARING LOSS in children can limit their ability to learn and play. If a child can only ‘half hear’ their life will be very confusing. But hearing loss is not always obvious. A simple hearing test around the time a child starts school is the answer.

Sound Scouts is the children’s hearing test designed to make testing easy. Sound Scouts incorporates the science of a hearing test in a fun game. Children focus on the story and respond to the sounds in the game. They don’t even know they are being tested.

The Sound Scouts hearing App enables you to check your child’s hearing without leaving home. Each test provides a report and guidance on next steps if a problem is detected.

Hearing issues are a common cause of speech, learning and behavioural problems so it is important for all children to have their hearing tested. If a child struggles to hear, they’ll also struggle to learn.

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