Sound Scouts recognised that mobile game technology could hold the key to creating an accessible hearing test solution for preschool children. Partnering with NAL they’ve created an app that provides parents with direct access to a hearing check for their children.

"What has been missing in the hearing health-care system is a low-cost, easily administered, reliable test of hearing that can be widely applied to children around school entry so that no child has to go through years of school at a disadvantage to others because of unmanaged hearing loss." Professor Dillon Director, National Acoustic Laboratories.

The Team

Prof. Harvey Dillon

Professor Dillon is Director of the National Acoustic Laboratories in Sydney. He is best known for research into hearing aids and in recent years has been active in researching auditory processing disorders in children and electrophysiological assessment techniques for infants. Amongst his over 200 publications is a comprehensive text on hearing aids that is used widely throughout the world.
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About Professor Harvey Dillon

Dr Dillon has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. for research into psychoacoustics. In 1979 he joined the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) and until 1986, he performed research into speech discrimination testing, audiological testing in sound fields, speech processing for hearing aids, hearing aid fitting methods, and the acoustics of hearing aid coupling systems.

From 1986 to 1990 he held various positions (including Chief Engineer and Development Manager) in the operational area of NAL. From 1990 he headed the Hearing Aid Research Section of NAL and in 2000 became the Director of Research at NAL. Dr Dillon was also a Deputy Director of the Co-operative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovations from 1991 to 2007.

His current research interests centre on signal processing for hearing aids, procedures for fitting hearing aids, electrophysiological assessment, auditory processing disorders, methods for preventing hearing loss, and methods for evaluating the success of hearing rehabilitation.

Dr Dillon has lectured extensively in the areas of acoustics, psychoacoustics, and hearing aids in the audiology program at Macquarie University, at which institution he is an adjunct professor. He is the author or co-author of over 200 scientific articles, eight book chapters, and the author of a text book on hearing aids that is used throughout the world. He frequently presents invited and keynote addresses in the area of hearing at overseas conferences.

Carolyn Mee

Carolyn Mee
Carolyn specialises in serious game and app development with a focus on health.
Carolyn set her sights on developing a game to improve children’s hearing screening and in 2011, collaborating with the National Acoustic Laboratories, the research arm of Australian Hearing, Sound Scouts was created.
In 2015 Carolyn was honoured to receive a NSW Medical Devices Fund Grant for $1.1million enabling the continued development and commercialisation of Sound Scouts.

Cuauh Moreno

Cuauh Moreno
Lead Developer of Sound Scouts, Cuauh Moreno is a Creative Coder and Game Designer who finds joy in exploring and understanding new frameworks, technologies and art. 
He has participated in several finalist and award winning projects such as 2009 IGF's "Next Great Mobile Game" with "Depict" and 2008's MochiAds "Become a Rock Star" flash game contest with "Amberial Nebulosa".

Glenda McLoughlin

Glenda ’s key skills are in international finance with over 25 years experience. As an executive she worked in investment banking with Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Glenda has been involved in over $8 billion in debt and equity capital raisings, restructurings, acquisitions and divestments. Her experience extends across: energy, infrastructure, resources, transportation and telecommunications. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics (Uni of Melbourne), an MBA (Uni of NSW) and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Michael Mee

Michael Mee
Michael Mee travelled to the US from Australia with a software startup and has been there ever since. He worked at Microsoft as Program Manager for nearly a decade. He's subsequently held multiple positions in six startups, including founding his own company Egghead Games. He's passionate about user experience and building quality software. Michael holds multiple degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics and Space Studies. Mike currently lives in the San Francisco area.

Tania Frampton

Cuauh Moreno
Tania is the Operations Manager for Sound Scouts and brings a uniquely diverse skillset to the role. Tania’s career began in the Royal New Zealand Airforce. After 14 years service she emigrated to Australia and has built a portfolio spanning project management, consular and executive services, event management and multimedia production. Tania previously worked with NSW Health, HealthShareNSW and Northern Sydney Local Health District on a variety of technology projects. Tania has also worked in the not-for-profit sector and entertainment industry.

Press, Sponsors and Awards

"I congratulate the recipients of the Medical Devices Fund 2015 whose innovative and inspiring work will have a lasting and meaningful impact on both the health system and the wider community." - Chief Scientist Mary O'Kane
Sound Scouts, the children’s hearing test app currently available Australia-wide, was awarded the 2017 BigInsights Data Innovation Award for “Best Start Up”.
Sound Scouts was proud to win the Health and Wearables Technologies category at the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event in Austin, Texas, on March 2017.
"The ACS – the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector – has announced Sound Scouts as a Gold Award winner in the 2016 Digital Disruptor Awards in the Service Transformation for the digital consumer category."
Channel 7 News

"A world-first Australian invention will let you check their (child's) hearing & signs of CAPD"

"The startup Sounds Scouts hopes to make hearing tests more accessible through an interactive tablet game kids can play at home, ensuring that hearing problems are diagnosed and addressed."

"We know that newborns are tested for hearing loss, but there is no general regular testing afterwards. Hearing loss often not detected until they get to school"

"The Sound Scouts app hopes to change those stats so that no child has to suffer with undiagnosed hearing loss."

"The Australian Video Game That Could Save Your Child's Hearing"

Carolyn Mee, of cmee4 Productions, of Sydney, has made the finals with Sound Scouts, a mobile game to test children’s hearing and know the signs of CAPD before or during their first year of school.
"The beauty of the game is that it not only identifies hearing loss and hearing issues, but also distinguishes between conductive hearing loss, sensorineural loss and central auditory processing disorders."

"What could be better than a quick and easy hearing test that could help detect hearing problems in young children? What about one that tests using an entertaining computer game?"